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Cartridges to buy the original? why?


Brother Toner Cartridges to buy the original? This is the beginning of contact with the drum Many people will consider the problem, the cartridge as a consumable office equipment, whether for the company or the family personal use, its cost and print quality are also must be considered.

1. Quality comparison

Buy the drum we are most concerned about the quality of course, how the quality of the. What is the quality of the drum that is decided?

Here are a few main factors: 1) from the drum imaging principle, the drum core as the main accessories, the quality of the cartridge has a key impact, mainly divided into imported drum core and domestic drum core, affecting the print Whether the toner can be firmly fixed on the paper, that is, print clarity and stability; 2) the quality of the toner is also very different, high-quality toner particles fine uniform, good fluidity, the same powder than ordinary toner Printing the use of high, and ordinary toner particles larger, easy to produce waste powder during printing. 3) the quality of accessories, toner cartridges every detail has been with the various components, so that the cartridge can completely match the printer's print job, to create the desired print, print the effect can be guaranteed. It should be noted that the market can be filling powder, repeat the powder of the toner cartridge, although the powder can be added, but the accessories can not be replaced, for the use of drum and accessories consumption, the powder after several times the print quality is greatly Reduced, and very easy to leak powder printer failure (most people do not know).

In fact, these factors determine the quality of print cartridges, the average consumer can not distinguish, the most direct way to know the quality of the cartridge is to check the printed test paper, compare print problems, how black and so on.

Of course, in the three factors that affect the quality of the original cartridges and domestic cartridges are a certain difference. Original cartridges in the design and production process is undoubtedly the use of high-quality components and stable production process, to achieve excellent printing results stable, to meet the high quality requirements of the user printing. The general domestic cartridges, print quality can be said to basically achieve the printer's output requirements, and some of the quality of domestic cartridges beyond the original standard drum, better than the original. However, there are many domestic manufacturers of drums, only some of the domestic manufacturers to produce high-quality toner cartridges, so the quality factor in contrast, the original cartridge and some high-quality domestic brand cartridges, can be considered.

2. Print cost comparison

In addition to the quality considerations, the cost of printing can be a fundamental consideration, the cartridge is a long-term consumption of printing, select the cartridge is a long-term need to consider the cost of expenditure.

First of all, from the purchase of the cost of comparison, the official price of the original cartridge higher, commonly used models such as HP HP 2612A, the original price of 200-300 yuan, and the price is generally more difficult to come down. According to A4 paper 5% coverage to count, a 2612A cartridge, can only print 2000 pages. In contrast, according to Taobao on the average price of domestic cartridges 2612A only 60-80 yuan, the price of up to 120 yuan, the lowest 40 yuan there. The price is very large gap, according to long-term procurement, the cost of the original cartridge than the domestic cartridge 3-5 times higher.

There is a saying is made of toner cartridges prone to failure, and easy to cause the printer machine failure, non-original cartridge defects will affect the performance of the printer, if the after-sales service is not in place, use not long after the problem or scrapped, the printer also need maintenance , Also lead to office delays or impact. These are non-original supplies will be the problem and may bring huge additional costs. For business users, this effect is very large. This is also a lot of business units one of the difficulties of user procurement.

In summary, the purchase of dr400 toner cartridges, if the print quality requirements are higher, as well as after-sales service, the cost can accept the original selection of toner cartridges. And when the individual or corporate units with a large amount of printing, the need to measure the cost of printing, it is recommended to purchase domestic drums in the famous, Cheap toner cartridges quality, stable production to provide after-sales manufacturers, that can reduce the cost of printing, Print quality requirements. Today's printer supplies category of domestic brands market competition, as users how to polish eyes